Disrupting traditional finance

Our story began with a mission, inspired by the vision of the great Ryoshi, (Founder of the Shiba universe): to disrupt traditional finance by developing an entirely decentralised project, run by the people, for the people. We are RyoshiMoto.

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What we've got in store...

We're not just any old token, we're Ryoshi Moto. A fully decentralised project run by the people, for the people. We're building something big.

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The NFT Launchpad

We'll be launching exclusive NFTs which will serve as access cards to the RyoshiMoto launchpad - where you'll get access to exclusive projects that are launching on our platform. We will only mint a select number of access cards every year.

Hodling $WISH is a sure-fire way to make some extra money
5% of every transaction goes to charity
The more you share, the more we can donate - you can help donate by just sharing this coin!

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Tokenomics 💱

With a charity wallet set aside from the initial supply, and an aggressive transaction tax distribution, $wish allows you to earn big as you hodl - and donate when you sell!

The Roadmap

Phase 1
Token Launch
Liquidity Lock
Community Growth
CG/CMC Listing Approvals
Whitepaper Publishing
500 Holders
1,000 Members
Phase 2
Utility Beta Testing
Marketing Campaigns
NFT Airdrop
NFT Marketplace Release
NFT Collection Release
1,000 Holders
1,500 Members

Phase 3
Ambassador Partnerships
RyoshiMoto Exchange
Nationwide Branding
Wallet Release
Exchange Listings
2,500 Holders
5,000 Members

Phase 4
Hosted Community Events
Additional Exchange Listings
Nationwide Event Sponsorships
Project Collaborations
5,000 Holders
10,000 Members

The most commonly asked questions.

If you have any more questions, simply fill out the contact form below or send us a message in our telegram group!

What is $wish?

Wish is a charity-oriented token that is helping grant wishes to seriously ill children around the world, because a child’s life shouldn’t be about illness, hospitals and diagnosis - it should be about wonder, joy and hope.

Last year, nearly 86,000 children were living with a critical condition. With this diagnosis, the simple pleasures of childhood and family life are replaced by worry, disruptive, gruelling treatment, financial worries and isolation.

Every critically ill child deserves to be granted a wish – our aim is to reach every child. Every one of them has a wish that is unique to them. We want to grant it for them.

What are the tokenomics?

Initial supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
Burned: 30%
Team tokens: 10%
Transaction tax: 10%
Charity wallet: 5%

How do I know this is not just a rug-pull?

We are awaiting the results of our DessertSwap audits to provide you with more transparency, but also when we do launch the contract with be renounced (essentially it is not able to be changed), developers are not able to go back in and tamper with the code. This means the playing field is fair game, and the token go as far as the community, and the team would like to push it.

Furthermore, the aggressive tax being added to liquidity creates a larger and larger cushion, and reduces the price volatility as the coin gains traction, effectively making trading the token 'comfier and comfier'.

What does ownership renounced and burn liquidity mean?

Wish is a community token. By renouncing ownership, there are no actions developers can take in altering the token or its supply (so no mint feature can be called).

Shortly after launch, the LP (liquidity pool) tokens that can be used to redeem the initial investment were sent to a dead address, or burned, essentially meaning they are locked in the abyss forever (that's a good thing)!

Are the team doxxed?

Doxxing (revealing your identity) is not the norm this soon into the release of a project. Due to the volatility of the crypto space, traders can get very emotional about price movement, and doxxing exposes team members to additional risk. For this reason, the team members are still waiting for liquidity and stability to build before making their full identities public.

Rest assured that this entire team is in it for the long haul, and there will be more and more team members that will be comfortable doxxing as the project progresses.

Pre-sale or fair launch?

Fair launch! We want to give everyone the best possible chance to get in at a good price and reap the rewards of long-term hodling.